Friday, January 27, 2012

Marlene to Charley: Brazil

Rio de Janeiro 1864

M. C. Spiers
I am sorry it has taken so long to reply to you. After Austria we were summoned to Brazil to the Empress Teresa Cristina. You may wonder how Msr. Beauchamp could be known so far away as Brazil-the Empress is originally from Italy. (She is quiet plain-I am not sure why our services were requested). The voyage by ship to Brazil took many months and when we arrived we found ourselves in the middle of a war between Brazil and Paraguay. We have been here almost 6 months and are only now able to secure passage home. I hope to hear more about your employ with Msr Beauchamp. He is indeed a stern taskmaster.
Marlene Rose Edwards
p.s. I examined the key more closely and found the initials L.A.M. scratched into it.


  1. I love the ageing of your cards...they look so realistic. Also enjoying the history lessons involved..wonder who's initials they are??? :D XXX

  2. A lot of research! Love your aged images and all of the thought you put into your plot. :)

  3. The whole postcard is amazing and very inspiring.