Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Francis to Charley: New Zealand

August, 1868
Charley-Still no word from Marlene. When I have tried to talk to Msr. Beauchamp about her, he waves his hand dismissively and says that Marlene must be one of those "hysterical" women and she has run off somewhere. He seems completely unconcerned about what has happened to her. I am happy to tell you that Msr. is going to be leaving for several months and that should give me the opportunity to look for the cupboard you mentioned. You will not imagine where he is going! To New Zealand and not for fashion--but for GOLD! It seems there is a gold rush there and Msr. B has gone to Thames, N.Z to stake a claim! Ha! Can you imagine fussy Msr. B in a miner's camp-getting his hands dirty? I must work quickly here as I imagine he will be back much sooner the he thinks.  Francis